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Cadmium and QDs RoHS Update 2024 The EC officially adopted the new wording recommended and discussed in this article. You can find the official documentation here.   It’s been some

QDs And Phosphors can live in harmony   You may have noticed that I enjoy taking apart TVs and understanding the optical materials on the inside. While this isn’t exactly

Deuterium in OLED

Deuterium in OLED   If you have been following the CES updates you have no doubt heard from LG about their newest OLED called “OLED EX” and their claim of

Creating color from blue miniLEDs – Investigating the inner workings of Apple’s new iPad and MacBook Pro   With mini-LEDs now squarely in the passing lane as the next big

QD Forum 2021 – A Picture Blog With the absence of in-person conferences we miss out on the personal nature of attending an event. Shaking hands, chatting, meeting new people,

QDs in Everyday Life

QDs in Everyday Life 5 years ago everything started to change. When making small talk with a new acquaintance who asked “So what do you do?” I used to make

Will Nanosys go public?

Will Nanosys go Public? Will Nanosys to go public? Perhaps it’s not news to some of you, since Display Daily editor Bob pointed out last week that Nanosys has been

Quantum Dot Round-up at SID Display Week 2021 It has come and gone again. Display Week 2021 is in the books, although I continue to pick up a few talks

Innovations Abound at TechBlick Quantum Dot Conference Even though SID Display Week starts next week, I could not help myself from attending a new conference with a heavy focus on

Counterpoint: Why Cadmium QDs won’t Die It has been said that a good lawyer must be able to argue both sides of a case to be effective. While I don’t

Cadmium-containing QDs are on the chopping block – RoHS update 2021 It’s no secret that the quantum dot industry has a love/hate relationship with the element cadmium (Cd). It is

12 Days of Displays

Twelve Days of Displays You are all of course familiar with the 12 days of Christmas, so this holiday season I decided to catalog twelve of the displays I encounter

Covid Cannot Stop Science! (QD Forum and Phosphor Global Summit 2020) Originally scheduled for March of 2020, the virtual QD Forum and Phosphor Global Summit went off without a hitch

OLED summit features QDs prominently Another virtual conference in the books. This time the OLED Summit. Just like last year, there were a few talks on EL-QLED devices as the

eL-QLED progress comes out of the “blue” It seems I’ve written a lot recently about EL-QLED progress, even though commercialization would appear to be still many years off. But it

SID Display Week 2020: QD Review Part 2 As a follow up to last week’s article SID Display Week 2020: QD Review Part 1 where I covered the business conference,

SID Display Week 2020: QD Review Part 1 Well, I made it through hours and hours of talks about quantum dots and display technology at the first-ever virtual SID Display

Attending a display conference… on a display… in my pajamas There is something ironic about SID Display Week this year. The week-long conference about display technology will be viewed exclusively

Singing the EL-QLED Blues

Singing the EL-QLED Blues Perhaps you have been putting on some old blues records to get you through this turbulent time. It’s a normal thing to feel a little down

Kateeva out SEMES in – QDOLED I wanted to write about an event that I look forward to every year, the QD Forum. Unfortunately, given the current pandemic, the event

it’s 2020, so where is Rec2020? A new decade is upon us. It is the year of the Rat. It’s a presidential election year in the US. This decade self-driving

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