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I am hired for a combination of my technical know-how, industry knowledge, and top-notch communication. I’m comfortable coming to you, or working remotely with your team, but often a combination is appropriate. Reach out now to discuss a consulting model that is the best fit for your project.

My Specialties

I’m very comfortable with hands-on training and support, including wet-lab and clean room environments. With a special expertise in air-free chemistry that is so often required for quantum dots, I know my way around glove boxes, Schlenk lines, and fume hoods. I can come to your lab and perform experiments alongside your staff, training them at the same time.

I offer customized training sessions on QD technology that can help you gain an improved understanding their current and future use in displays (and other applications). Previous clients have found these training sessions to be highly valuable in determining how their technology can be leveraged in the QD space, and where to focus the most effort in product development. This is a high growth industry that is constantly changing, I can help identify the best opportunities for your future.

I can deliver significant value in remote sessions with your team, helping to design experiments, perform data analysis, and summarize findings in reports or formal presentations. Especially in the post-Covid era, I have become adept at delivering value from afar.

Throughout my career I have established relationships with several organizations that enable me to complete remote lab work for your project as required. Being local to the greater Boston area enables acess to many state-of-the-art facilities to help execute on your R&D strategy. I effectively leverage user facilities to execute on many projects that require advanced equipment (deposition tools, clean room, etc.) or safe handling of chemicals. Some capabilities I have access to include:

  • Chemical synthesis
  • ALD
  • Sputter deposition
  • E-beam evaporator
  • Nanoimprint
  • Photolithography
  • Etching (wet and dry)

If your project requires expertise outside my wheelhouse, or where additional insight is desired, I can leverage my deep network in display technology, materials, and optics to help solve the problem at hand. I’m not afraid to admit when I don’t know something, and I will do my best to find someone who does. Allow me to help identify the right people and build the team of experts that can deliver for your project.

Expertise available in my network:

  • Optical modeling
  • LED lighting
  • Phosphor technology
  • Micro LED
  • OLED displays, materials, devices
  • Display market size and pricing analysis
  • Display market entry(exit) strategy
  • Polymer materials
  • Display teardown

I’m intimately familiar with a wide range of material characterization techniques for nanomaterials and semiconductors. I can help you build the data set you need to make important technology and business decisions. Through a robust network of materials characterization facilities, I have access to the following (and more):

  • Optical microscopy
  • Electron microscopy (SEM, TEM)
  • FTIR
  • Chromatography (various)
  • Gas barrier properties
  • Optical properties (Absorbance, fluorescence)
  • Lifetime testing
  • Profilometry

Oftentimes an intimate knowledge of the material being characterized is an important factor in gathering meaningful data. I know how to prepare, measure, and analyze the data for many different types of nanomaterial suspensions, thin films, devices, and cured polymer films. 

What My Clients Say

Clients rely on me to deliver high-value insights and critical knowledge to accelerate their R&D, product development and commercialization. Here are some kind words from happy customers and co-workers from around the globe.

I’ve brought Pete onto three separate projects at two different companies because of the value his knowledge brings to the projects. Not only does Pete bring value in terms of industry and applications knowledge, as well as hands-on competency, but his communication style and down-to-earth personality also ensures the complexity of nanomaterials is easily accessible and well-understood by his clients. Bringing Pete in has shortened learning cycles and armed my teams with knowledge and competency to accelerate project timelines.
Optical Materials Startup
Pete did great work for us on some very technical patent infringement and validity analyses. He was always responsive and his domain expertise was invaluable. He consistently added value, his work was thorough, and his analysis was clear and insightful. He was extremely valuable in helping us to identify and resolve complex patent and technical issues. Even counsel for the other side recognized and complimented his mastery of the subject and his analysis.
Managing Director
Investment Fund

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