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Since my first introduction to quantum dots I was amazed by their tunable optical properties, chemistry, and potential commercial applications. My background in surface chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and optical materials was a perfect match for this growing field, so I jumped in with both feet. Ever since then I have been innovating, educating, and executing on projects that utilize this exciting technology (among many others).

This has of course led to a focus in the display field, including a time at QD Vision, one of the pioneering companies developing QD technology for displays. While at QD Vision I recognized that many companies were in need of a technical expert who could help them develop, incorporate, or in some way better understand the intricacies of quantum dot technology. Since founding Palomaki Consulting in 2017 I have become the go-to expert on quantum dots (QLED, QD, whatever acronym you want to use).

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B.S. (Chemistry)

Muhlenberg College


Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Post Doctoral Researcher (Nanomaterials)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory


What My Clients Say

I’ve brought Pete onto three separate projects at two different companies because of the value his knowledge brings to the projects. Not only does Pete bring value in terms of industry and applications knowledge, as well as hands-on competency, but his communication style and down-to-earth personality also ensures the complexity of nanomaterials is easily accessible and well-understood by his clients. Bringing Pete in has shortened learning cycles and armed my teams with knowledge and competency to accelerate project timelines.
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