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Quantum Dots and Nanomaterials for Optical Applications 

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I’m Peter Palomaki

Technical quantum dot expert with excellent communication skills, delivering high value to clients by leveraging my knowledge of materials, processes, market, and deep industry network.

Technical Expertise





Optical nanomaterials

Interfacial chemistry

Quantum Dots

Materials (CdSe, InP, Perovskite)


RoHS requirements

Technology implementation





Inorganic Synthesis

Air Free Handling

Materials testing

Optical materials

Surface chemistry


Communication Expert

Clients rely on my exceptional communication skills to deliver impactful presentations, secure investment, and create the right message. As a visual learner I pride myself on being able to communicate technical concepts in simple-to-understand ways using data-backed analysis and compelling visuals. 

  • Technical concepts for all audiences
  • Development of presentations (investors, executives, leadership, public, employees)
  • Expert consultant for litigation

Problem Solver

Above all, my approach is defined by not shying away from challenging problems but by attacking them head on. It helps sometimes to have an outsider take a look at a problem, analyze it, ask questions, and come up with a new strategy.

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What My Clients Say

Clients rely on me to deliver high-value insights and critical knowledge to accelerate their R&D, product development and commercialization. Here are some kind words from happy customers and co-workers from around the globe.

Peter's ability to deliver insightful technical commentary on short timelines was a critical factor in making a timely investment decision.
Investment Firm
Pete knows his stuff when it comes to quantum materials. He has a sophisticated understanding of the chemistry and a good sense of the business. He was a pleasure to deal with.
Display Consulting Firm
Pete is a very dedicated worker with a great work ethic. His willingness to assist and share experience across projects, with sincere interest, makes him easy to work with and a desirable addition to any team
Academic Collaborator