Palomaki Consulting


I work with clients big and small around the world.

Here is a partial list of the types of clients I have worked with over the past few years, along with example projects and the value I was able to provide.

  • Specialty Chemicals Supplier
  • Display Materials Supplier
  • Specialty Monomer Supplier
  • Investment Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Fortune 500 Technology Company
  • SBIR-Funded Materials Tech Company
  • Innovation Arm of Large Company
  • Start-up Companies
  • Nanomaterial Manufacturing Company
  • Optical Materials Startup
  • Nanomaterials Startup
  • Multinational Chemical Company
  • Industrial Technology Company

Project Description

Value to Client

Quarterly technology and business reports on hot-topic competitive technology

Keeping client informed of rapidly evolving technology allowed for more intelligent risk-taking and targeted marketing strategy.

Spec out equipment and setup new lab. Train employees on QD synthesis, characterization, and safety. Educate on market, players, and competition.

Improved understanding of market, QD processing, resulting in identification of high value offering. New product line released.

Optical modeling of QD-containing light engine.

In-depth modeling allowed for identification of major loss mechanisms leading to improved designs with modeled ~2x performance increase.

Patent analysis and expert consultant on cases related to quantum dots, chemistry, materials, optics, displays.

Independent analysis from respected technical expert with industry experience

TV teardown and analysis of optical component

Developed full understanding of the technology in use and how client's chemistry is currently being utilized and how it could be leveraged in other use cases.

Improve market penetration of existing products and lead next-gen product development for QLED display applications.

Immediate impact in improving understanding of current customer use case, as well as development of new product line with high potential impact and confirmed interest from multiple customers.

Technical due diligence support on advanced nanomaterial manufacturing company.

Rapid turnaround with insightful commentary including technical audit of company. Investment made, followed by merger in 2 years.

Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes with unique morphological requirements.

Identified ideal equipment and executed hundreds of growths to optimize CNT form factor (length,width, density). Add-on funding secured through promising results.

QD technology and market support, simulated material properties, QD sourcing, and characterization.

De-risked technology under consideration and provided realistic recommendations on path forward.

Educate client on details of display electronics and identify the best displays for the intended use-case incorporating seemingly incompatible technologies. 

Demonstration of unique prototype at CES which lead to exclusive joint development project.

Custom technology reports and workshops for individuals or teams.

Improved understanding of the history, current status, and future of QD technology and market for educated decision making.

Proposal writing or review – technical details

Technical input from a subject matter expert resulted in a stronger proposal, and IP filings.

Recommendations for integration of QDs with polymer resins.

Rapid progress towards goal of demonstrating a prototype product, and vastly improved understanding of the necessary materials/equipment.

Sourcing of QD material and integration into parts for testing.

Benchmarking allowed for data-backed discussion with investors and customers. Sourcing was only possible through existing personal connections.

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