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QDs everywhere in Berlin

QD everywhere in berlin Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Berlin to attend the IFA consumer electronics trade show and present at the QLED/HDR10 Summit. It was

What might your TV and solar panels have in common Perovskites. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t sweat it. But no matter how you say it, pervoskites are an amazing

QLED-HDR10 Forum

QLED-HDR10 Forum I had the opportunity this week to present at the QLED/HDR10 Summit in Hollywood, CA. The Samsung sponsored event was a gathering of experts in quantum dot display

QD Forum 2017: A review

QD Forum 2017: A review I’ll start by saying it was my first QD Forum, even though I have been in the QD industry for longer than the QD Forum

on-chip – the Next big challenge for quantum dots Now that QDs are becoming a mainstream display technology, I am often asked “what’s next” for QDs? Will electroluminescent QDs become

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