QDs and Phosphors can live in harmony

QDs And Phosphors can live in harmony You may have noticed that I enjoy taking apart TVs and understanding the optical materials on the inside. While this isn’t exactly possible during a trade show, I can point my spectrometer at them and get some clues about the inner workings. Today I’m revisiting some data I […]

Deuterium in OLED

Deuterium in OLED   If you have been following the CES updates you have no doubt heard from LG about their newest OLED called “OLED EX” and their claim of “Deuterium-based stability.” So what in the world is deuterium and why does it have to do with OLED stability? LG’s marketing efforts of “OLED-EX.” The […]

QD Forum 2021 – A Picture Blog

QD Forum 2021 – A Picture Blog With the absence of in-person conferences we miss out on the personal nature of attending an event. Shaking hands, chatting, meeting new people, awkwardly trying to remember someone’s name or how you know them. Yet we continue to “attend” the virtual conferences because, presumably, there is still value […]

QDs in Everyday Life

QDs in Everyday Life 5 years ago everything started to change. When making small talk with a new acquaintance who asked “So what do you do?” I used to make a valiant attempt at describing quantum dots and how they could potentially benefit displays and other technologies like solar, biotech, etc. Usually, they would feign […]

Will Nanosys go public?

Will Nanosys go Public? Will Nanosys to go public? Perhaps it’s not news to some of you, since Display Daily editor Bob pointed out last week that Nanosys has been rumored to be exploring an option to go public via a SPAC. I want to be crystal clear that this piece is, in part, based […]

Quantum Dot Round-up at SID Display Week 2021

Quantum Dot Round-up at SID Display Week 2021 It has come and gone again. Display Week 2021 is in the books, although I continue to pick up a few talks here and there since they are all online for another few months. What follows is only a sampling of the innovations and news that I […]

Innovations Abound at TechBlick Quantum Dot Conference

Innovations Abound at TechBlick Quantum Dot Conference Even though SID Display Week starts next week, I could not help myself from attending a new conference with a heavy focus on quantum dot technologies this week. Since I also dabble in technology areas outside of displays, I was very interested to attend TechBlick’s “Quantum Dots – […]

Counterpoint: Why Cadmium QDs Won’t Die

Counterpoint: Why Cadmium QDs won’t Die It has been said that a good lawyer must be able to argue both sides of a case to be effective. While I don’t have a law degree, I will take the stand here (on my soapbox) and apply this principle to the matter of cadmium in QD display […]