Read some testimonials from clients and coworkers in various industries.  I'm happy to provide references upon request.

"Pete was very personable and easy to work with. He had a methodical and hands-on approach, while also being creative and able to adjust on the fly. Pete thought through an entire problem and worked with us to find solutions - he was able to play off of our ideas and make them viable. We highly recommend him as a partner for furthering your nanomaterial research capabilities. "

Global manager, specialty chemicals manufacturer

Pete moved the needle for us not only in quantum dot research and development, but he also made several valuable industry introductions. Pete is an accomplished scientist and researcher in nanotechnology and has excellent communication skills.

Matt Bergren, VP UbiQD

Pete is a very dedicated worker with a great work ethic. His willingness to assist and share experience across projects, with sincere interest, makes him easy to work with and a desirable addition to any team.

Collaborator at Rensselaer

“Pete is an extremely gifted scientist with an unmatched attention to detail. He immerses himself in every aspect of his projects with a careful consideration of each of the many steps needed to ensure high impact results and publications. His technical talent is balanced by a gregarious personality and collaborative spirit that helps him work across projects very effectively. Pete will be a tremendous asset to anyone looking for a dedicated scientist to lead and manage successful research teams.”

Group Manager at NREL

“As investors in complex, platform technologies, we sometimes find that we cannot rely solely on our own internal technical diligence capabilities to fully evaluate a company’s technology offering.  On occasion, we enlist the help of expert consultants/advisors to weigh in on a technology, which can heavily influence our underwriting of the deal.  I worked with Peter on one such deal that was focused on an advanced manufacturing process for phosphors and inorganic nano/micropartices.  Peter’s ability to deliver insightful technical commentary on short timelines was a critical factor in making a timely investment decision.  In addition, his deep knowledge of the chemistry of nanoparticle synthesis recommended him for a follow-on role as a technical consultant to the portfolio company.” 

- John Ho, Principal, Anzu Partners

"Pete knows his stuff when it comes to quantum materials. He has a sophisticated understanding of the chemistry and a good sense of the business. He was a pleasure to deal with."

Ian Hendy, Hendy Consulting

"He is an outstanding scientist that is always creative and gets things done. He was a major driver of the research in our group."

Center Director at NREL

Peter is great to work with. He is highly skilled in the lab, and has a great depth of knowledge about the area of science he works within. Moreover, he'll always make time to discuss details & special considerations of ongoing experiments, or to brainstorm new ideas for future experiments, to ensure understanding and further common goals.

Collaborator at NREL

"Pete is a highly effective and enthusiastic co-worker that I had the pleasure to work with at QD Vision. Technically sound in his approaches to problem solving, he consistently completed projects that mattered most to the company. His interpersonal communication skills are exceptional and allow him to work well with a diverse set of peers, managers, and customers. There are few people that I’ve worked with that have had the same ability to so immediately contribute towards high-impact projects as Pete. What I enjoyed most about working with him was to observe his ability to positively influence any team member’s ambition by way of his charismatic nature. Any team will be fortunate to have Pete involved and contributing."

Product Engineering Group Leader at QD Vision


In working with Dr. Palomaki I have been very impressed with his creativity and energetic intelligence.  His research technique and scientific insight have made a critical difference in the quantum dot, nanotechnology problems we have worked on in the process of inventing new, low cost and high performance photonic devices and multi-material additive manufacturing processes.  Peter’s independent work ethic and trustworthiness in conceiving, communicating, and executing research alongside our team has been well appreciated.

VP Nanotechnology R&D


I would recommend him for quality, thorough chemical synthesis and spectroscopic experiments.

Staff Scientist at NREL