Hands-on Problem Solving

I’ll come to your site and work side-by-side with your team to understand the problem, develop a plan, and execute the work.  Then I can either work from your site or use my own lab space and facilities at a local university to complete the project.  I have access to some equipment that many companies can't afford to purchase such as clean room tools and microscopy facilities.  Let me help you reach your research goals or explore a new project without the huge capitol expense.  I have experience working in clean rooms, glove boxes, wet labs, schlenk lines, and more.  With over a decade of experience in a lab coat, I’m comfortable working with all corners of the periodic table.

Remote Work

While hands-on problem solving with your team often yields the best results, research plans, literature review, and data processing are just a few examples of work that is easily performed remotely without the need for lab space.  In addition, I can remotely guide one or more of your existing employees in their research duties to optimize their effectiveness.  With access to lab space and clean room facilities through local universities, I can personally perform experiments and analysis (including microscopy) to help make rapid progress on your projects.

Writing Services

Have a proposal deadline that you are concerned you may not meet?  Report writing and presentation preparation taking too much valuable time?  Let me lighten the load to allow your team to do what they do best.  I have experience writing reports/proposals and creating presentations for DOE, DOD, DARPA, commercial customers, and executives.  I have been honored with multiple poster/presentation/thesis awards throughout my career.

Speaking Engagements

I'm available to speak at your business, trade show, or conference.  I've been presenting top-notch presentations for many years and have been recognized at numerous conferences with best poster/talk awards.  I've presented at many of the worlds most well-known conferences and trade shows such as ACS, MRS, AVS, IFA, and Gordon Conferences.


Often the key to generating new ideas or developing a novel strategy is a fresh perspective.  I can help your team unleash new ideas and provide insight of my own.  Often what is needed is a person without internal company distractions who can moderate the session (before, during, and after) encourage idea generation, and effectively delegate follow up work.  The result: all involved in the process will feel rejuvenated to attack the problem with a new approach.


Are you safely handing the chemicals your team uses every day?  Are you new to the area of air-free chemical synthesis and handling or would like a fresh perspective on best practices?  Want to learn more about a technology like quantum dots? I have experience teaching and training teams as small as one or as large as 30.  I love to share my knowledge and make the lab a safer place to work.

Don't hesitate to reach out

Have something else in mind?  I'm always open to discussing how I can help your team accomplish big goals.