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The Tortoise and the Hare – A tale of emissive display technology When I was a kid and heard the famous story of the Tortoise and the Hare, I was

QD Color is winning

QD Color Is winning Quantum Dot Color is Winning… but That’s not the Only Metric in Town Color Since the very first QD-enabled product in 2013 (Sony’s Triluminous technology) the

Have your cake and eat it too with QD-OLED technology You have seen the adds for OLED and QLED displays, perhaps you have even seen them on display side x

Red Reigns Superior

Red reigns superior I’m finding myself thinking more esoterically about colors and perception lately. We all know color matters in displays, it’s one of the defining features of QLED technology.

Germany pushing the boundaries of electroluminescent QLED with multi-institution consortium Merck. Osram. Fraunhofer. You couldn’t ask for a better team of scientists in Germany to tackle a challenging problem like

Samsung Changes the QLED Landscape What does a company do when they are behind on a technology they have been working on for a decade? Hire a world-renown expert professor

Perovskite Quantum Dots: The Future? or just a fad? By now you have almost certainly heard a thing or two about perovskites either in quantum dot (QD) form or in

Quantum Dots for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at QD2018 The International Conference on Quantum Dots is held every two years at locations around the world and brings together scientists from

Quantum Dots do more than just emit light At a fundamental level displays have done the same thing for centuries. They convert electricity into light which is then transformed into

Nanoco spins off 2D materials company Nanoco (LON: NANO), the British company known for producing, licensing and promoting cadmium-free quantum dot technology, has recently announced the formation of a wholly

QD Forum 2018 – What’s next for Quantum Dots? Every year in March, the world’s experts in QDs convene for the Quantum Dots Forum to discuss recent advances, market conditions,

What is LG’s Nano Cell Technology? A collaboration by Peter Palomaki & Matthew Bertram LG, known mostly for their OLED display technology, has recently been promoting their new LCD technology

Quantum dots color filters

QD Color filters “It looks amazing!” That’s what people are saying after seeing TVs that contain QD color filters. No, I have not seen one for myself, but you and

QDs everywhere in Berlin

QD everywhere in berlin Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Berlin to attend the IFA consumer electronics trade show and present at the QLED/HDR10 Summit. It was

What might your TV and solar panels have in common Perovskites. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t sweat it. But no matter how you say it, pervoskites are an amazing

QLED-HDR10 Forum

QLED-HDR10 Forum I had the opportunity this week to present at the QLED/HDR10 Summit in Hollywood, CA. The Samsung sponsored event was a gathering of experts in quantum dot display

QD Forum 2017: A review

QD Forum 2017: A review I’ll start by saying it was my first QD Forum, even though I have been in the QD industry for longer than the QD Forum

on-chip – the Next big challenge for quantum dots Now that QDs are becoming a mainstream display technology, I am often asked “what’s next” for QDs? Will electroluminescent QDs become

Counterpoint: Why Cadmium QD Die -

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Counterpoint: Why Cadmium QD Die -

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